Safety, Health, and Environment Consultancy(COSHH)



Our safety services integrate all aspects of industrial safety to help reduce risks, improve safety and comply with regulations. Whatever the industry, safety is a major concern. Whether the need to prevent fires, explosions or accidental chemical releases in chemical process facilities, or deal with hazardous materials in refineries and oil and gas production installations, we can help

For health and safety, our consultants offer advice and audits against international and company specific standards, occupational or industrial hygiene obligations, and offer a wide range of health and safety related testing whether for workplace inspection or to improve the quality of environment.

At IPMC, we have the capability to help our clients meet regulatory obligations and mitigate against risks relating to health and safety and environmental impact.

We provide the following HSE Services;

  • Quality Management System
  • Occupational Health & Safety Management
  • Environmental Management
  • Social Responsibility
  • Assets Management
  • Risk Management

Excellent environmental outcomes are central to our day-to-day operations. IPMC particularly develop and deliver sustainable, innovative, timely and cost-effective quality, health, safety and environmental solutions aiming to promote excellent and quality services that exceed client’s expectations and provide value for money.