Shore Loading Officer
LAGOS  -  Nigeria
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Job Detail
  • Industry:
  • Total Positions:
  • Job Type:
    Full Time
  • Salary:
    400,000 - 800,000
  • Job Location:
    LAGOS, Nigeria
  • Minimum Education:
  • Minimum Experience:
    8 Years
  • Apply By:
    Dec 31, 2021
  • Job Posting Date:
    Jan 25, 2018
Job Description

The Shore Loading Officer is a member of the shift teams ensuring safe and efficient waterfront/shipping operations by executing the Daily Operating Instructions (DOI) compliant with HSSE, procedures, and processes. 
Key accountabilities:
-Undertake pre-arrival checks of jetty or wharf equipment;
-Berth/unberth ship/vessel safety and position according to cargo transfer plan;
-Use current operating procedures for the safe management of ship/shore activities;
-Perform checks in line with the Ship/Shore Safety Checklist;
-Monitor and maintain all ship-shore interfaces including cargo transfer operations within safe operating limits.
-Monitor all ship-shore interfaces including cargo transfer operations to confirm that it is being conducted in accordance with guidelines and safety regulations;
-Monitor environmental conditions and understand the actions to be taken if the integrity of the transfer operation is threatened;
-Inspect and identify defects with transfer operation equipment (i.e hoses, loading arm, etc) at the wharf;
-Inspect ship/shore access equipment to ensure that it is in good condition and properly rigged;
-Comply with applicable security procedures and access controls;
-Understand the Emergency Response Procedures for handling emergencies at the Wharf;
-Apply the procedures detailed in maritime regulations for the safe management of ship/shore activities;
-Carry out cargo transfer planning with ship/vessel crew efficiently and safely;
-Comply with the procedures and requirements contained in the Port Information Handbook;
-Effectively carries out the key communication activities with the control room and ship/vessel;
-Collect samples at different stages of during cargo transfer operations;
-Operate the auto-sampler and understand the mechanism behind achieving the desired quantity and sample distribution during operation;
-Carry out the calculation relating to oil measurement & accounting such as handling and troubleshooting ship/shore loading difference, application of the Discrepancy Decision Tree Processes, etc;
-Carry out documentation work after completing cargo transfer operations such as Ship-Shore Letter of Protest (LOP) which covers quality, quantity, ship performance, safety & environment incidents, etc;
-Able to carry out Authorised Gas Safety Tester role and perform maintenance activities such as decontamination, gas testing for hot work and confined space work;
-Able to coordinate and work with contractors for maintenance planning; 
Professional Experience: 
Experience in waterfront and production operations is required; terminal operations knowledge preferred.

Skills & Knowledge: 
-Basic knowledge on ship operation and terminology
-Basic Knowledge of Industry (OCIMF, SIGTTO, ICS, PIANC, etc.) standards for shipping operations and marine assets
-What demurrages is and its importance to various parties.
-The steps to a Proper Demurrage Process and various process to reduce demurrages
-Definitions, common demurrage terms and simple demurrage calculation
-Why Product Quality is important in the loading process and the PQ EWS process.
-Understand COQ and sampling procedure.
-Understanding procedures relating to oil accounts in the work process.
-Understanding of PU4 terminal - various work procedures/guidelines
-Supervisory Skills
-Completely independent in all field operational activities
-Understanding and applying Process isolation standards and Permit to Work system.
-Able to operate and use the Oil Movements Accounting system (OAS, GLIMs, OMS-HC / DCS)
-Effective interpersonal and communication skills
-Strong in problem solving and troubleshooting
-Proficient in English language

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