Office Address

Head office: 18B Olu Holloway road,
Ikoyi-Lagos, Nigeria.

Abuja Office: 32 Lusaka crescent,
Wuse zone 6, Abuja, Nigeria.

Lagos Office: 207 Igbosere road,
Lagos-island, Nigeria.

Phone Number

+(01) 342 7448

+(234) 704 026 9249

+(234) 704 577 9160

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Why We Are The Best

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Project Administration

IPMC recognizes project administration as key to ensuring projects stay on track, within budget, and meet objectives.

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Project Management

IPMC values effective project management as key to achieving goals, driving innovation, and ensuring project success.

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IPMC prioritizes quality in project management through rigorous QA, QC, and Third-Party Inspection.

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Cost Engineering

IPMC values cost engineering for efficient project cost management in the dynamic world of project management.

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Value for Money Audits

Value for Money audit assesses an organization’s performance and resource use for efficiency, effectiveness, and economy.

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Forensic Audit

IPMC recognizes the importance of forensic audits in ensuring transparency, accountability, and financial integrity.

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Assurance Services

IPMC provides exceptional Assurance Services, promoting trust, transparency, and risk management in today’s dynamic business landscape.

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Monitoring and Evaluation

IPMC, a leading consultancy, values Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) as a key tool for enhancing performance and achieving strategic objectives.

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Data Science and Analysis

IPMC acknowledges Data Science and Analysis as crucial tools for gaining insights and driving success in today’s data-driven world.

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Artificial Intelligence

AI simulates human intelligence in machines, processing vast data to extract insights for informed decision-making.

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Data Visualizations

IPMC values data visualization for efficient insight extraction from large data, fostering better decision-making.

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Software development

Software is key to innovation and transformation. IPMC’s Software Development Services turn technological aspirations into reality.

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Manpower supply(Technical)

IPMC’s Technical Manpower Supply Services provide skilled professionals precisely when needed, ensuring business success in a fast-paced landscape.

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Manpower supply(Administration)

Success hinges on adaptability, efficient resource management, and having skilled individuals in the right positions.

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Safety, Health & Environment COSHH

Emphasizing safety, health, and environmental services is key to ensuring well-being and organizational success in today’s fast-paced world.

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Quality Management Systems

Quality is vital for success. Our QMS certification and administration services guide your business towards quality and compliance excellence.

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Environmental Management Systems

Amid rising environmental concerns, integrating sustainable practices into operations is crucial for the planet’s well-being and business resilience.

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Safety/Protection/Security & Firefighting

In an unpredictable world, our comprehensive Safety, Protection, Security, and Firefighting Services prioritize well-being and security.

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ESG Ratings and Rankings

In the ESG-focused world, our Ratings and Rankings Services guide businesses to align sustainability objectives with profit and purpose.

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ESG Consulting & Reporting

In the era of corporate responsibility, our ESG consulting and reporting services guide businesses through sustainability challenges.

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