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Whether it's the research and evaluation done by our Environmental specialists, the people behind our technology make all the difference.

A Call to Action for Environmental Conservation

Amidst the escalating threats of climate change, urgent action is needed to preserve our planet. Individuals and communities must adopt sustainable practices, including reducing single-use plastics and embracing renewable energy. Governments and businesses should prioritize policies that promote environmental stewardship and invest in green technologies. Our collective commitment to a sustainable future is crucial for the well-being of the Earth and the prosperity of future generations. Now is the time for global cooperation to ensure a resilient and harmonious environment.

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Our Services

  • Conducting a diagnostic assessment of the existing Integrated QHSE Management System.
  • Providing recommendations for improving the efficiency of the system.
  • Offering methodological support for the transformation and development of the existing QHSE management system.
  • Developing internal documents and procedures to enhance the integrated safety system.
  • Developing an integrated model and guidelines for the QHSE management system.
  • Creating QHSE management systems for contractors.
  • Developing guidelines for operational risk management in new projects and investment measures.
  • Developing a system for emergency and incidents preparedness that complies with international standards.
  • Strategizing and implementing programs for the continuity of operations and recovery after an incident.
  • Analysing benefit-cost and implementing measures in QHSE activities.
  • Developing a damage evaluation probability model.
  • Elaborating guidelines for budgeting integrated QHSE activities with risks considered.
  • Researching and assessing the organization’s safety culture and employee engagement.
  • Recommending transformations for safety culture development based on best practices.
  • Implementing measures for safety culture development.
  • Integrating lean production and safety, managing psychosocial risks, and planning employee engagement and competencies development.
  • Staff profiling and developing competency profiles for occupational health and safety leaders.
  • Organizing training workshops and lectures on relevant topics

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